Accessibility Tools

Instrument System Features

  • Trocar
  • Assembly
  • Spike Probe
  • Ring Probe
  • End Delivery
  • Side Delivery
  • Product1
  • Product2
  • Product3
  • Product4
  • Product5
  • Product6

Custom Translation

Precision localization of the lesion using customized translational settings on the PanPlasty instrument

Two Localizing Probes

Ring probe for delicate handling of articular surfaces as well as spike probe for exposed subchondral bone

Customized Trocar with Easy Removal Prior to Injection

Trocar uniquely designed for precise delivery of biomaterials of choice with swivel lock for stability during drilling and easy removal prior to injection of biomaterials

Fluoroscopy as Confirmation

With the translational customization feature of the instrument system, surgeons can potentially now use fluoroscopy as confirmation rather than localization and confirmation

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