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Raj Pandya, M.D.Founder of PanOrthopaedics

Raj Pandya MD Profile

PanOrthopaedics was founded in 2019 by Dr. Rajiv Pandya, an entrepreneurial sports medicine surgeon located in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Pandya, with the support of seasoned engineers and commercial management partners created PanOrthopaedics to address unmet needs in the orthopedic market – providing patients and surgeons with options for early surgical intervention with the expressed purpose of lessening/alleviating orthopedic pain. Our corporate mission is focused on developing and commercializing products with precision and healing driving our activities and products.

The first product launched in the United States, PanPlasty for Knee, is currently available in a durable, metal instrument system with custom, sterile trocars for biomaterial delivery. Future advances will include 3D printed, sterile and disposable instruments as well as expanded indications in hip and extremities among other orthopaedic indications.

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Ruturaj S. Patil Head of Product

Ruturaj Patil Profile

Ruturaj S. Patil is a driving force of innovation, spearheading the development of revolutionary orthopedic surgical tools at Panorthopaedics. With a multidisciplinary background in mechanical engineering, computer science, and robotics from Georgia Institute of Technology, Mr. Patil possesses a comprehensive expertise in medical device design and additive manufacturing. His impressive track record includes successful collaborations with surgeons and manufacturers, overseeing the entire product lifecycle from conceptualization to implementation, for novel tools, techniques, and robots.

Above all, Mr. Patil is deeply committed to improving patient outcomes. He firmly believes that the right tools and technologies have the potential to enhance surgical precision, streamline procedures, and expedite patient recovery. Guided by this conviction, Mr. Patil harnesses his expertise to empower orthopedic surgeons with state-of-the-art instruments, enabling them to provide the highest quality care to their patients.

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Patents & Legal

System and technique for accessing extra articular lesions or abnormalities or intra osseous lesions or bone marrow lesions

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